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About Us

A year ago my friend and I were discussing how difficult it is to find certain products and services in Malta, especially if what you are looking for is either not that common or else from one of many micro businesses that exist on the island. You often find yourself asking friends, who will ask their friends until finally, someone knows someone that can give you a name and a number. From this conversation came the birth of SmartFind.

SmartFind was created to help businesses to be found no matter the size. Our intention is to make your product or service known and recognized for as little as possible. By subscribing to one of our packages we can help your business get known by many more people and much quicker. To accomplish this we provide our clients with a professional online platform where our users can search for and find your business or product in a very simple manner. But not only that, we also have the option of a rating and review system where your clients can recommend you to other people, further boosting your business page’s power

Most people take their decisions based on a third party confirmation and on how a business or service presents itself. We make sure that our platform gives your business the best promotion possible and provide all the required information that can help potential customers make a well- informed decision about the business or product they choose.

Our goal is to provide you with all the necessities that can help your business attract more customers. We give our clients a professional business page with most of the features one would expect to find on a professional website. With 80% of the business and product searches being done online, we make sure that you have the best online presence for a minimal price.

We can guarantee our clients a lifetime of affordable services, with prices being so low you will never have to worry about throwing away money. Depending on your product or service, just one client originating from our website can be enough to make up for our annual fee.

Do not think of Smartfind as just a business page, think of us as an investment for a successful future.